This is my website, a place to collect information and material about me, Alex.

I'm a hand on code software manager working in the design and implementation of SaaS for public and private organizations.

I have a personal interest in Design and User Experience. I am intrigued by the evolution of human/machine interaction mechanisms and the human decision making process.

I got my start in coding through Delphi, C++, C#, then moved on focusing on back-end with PHP and Java.
I acquired a growing knowledge by experiencing both on the front and on the back ends, dealing with many Java based technologies like JSF or Spring and various front end technologies and frameworks like Javascript, VBscript, Angular, Bootstrap, Pure etc.

I’m used to care the design and development phases both directly and as team leader, after an extensive architectural process performed via various standards and tools. In particular during these years I had the opportunity to approach Agile methodology taking advantage of the most efficient development and management tools like Atlassian, UML, BPM, Viso etc.

When I'm not working, I'm very likely to be playing my guitar.


Extended curriculum vitae - updated Jun. 2018
An expanded version of my resumé including information about my studies and my career   Download

Portfolio - updated May. 2018
A selection of interesting projects and works I was involved during my career   Download

My articles

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You can reach me out writing me an em@il, visiting my linkedin page or following my tweets!